Artisanal Salumi from Ashland Farm

We offer the finest Italian-style dry-aged meats. In the artisanal manner of old Italy, we hand-carve every piece of locally raised meat. Then each cut of meat or batch of sausage is cured and dried using spices we have chosen specifically for each type of salume.


Salted and air-dried back leg of the hog. The complex flavor is sweet and nutty. This ham is hung to cure for up to two years.


Made from hog neck, shoulder and loin, this salume may be flavored with aromatic seasoning and spices.


Cured, air-dried boneless pork loin with very little fat. Usually black-pepper-cured.


A sausage aggressively seasoned with toasted and cracked fennel seeds, which give this dry-cured pork a strong floral appeal.


A delicious dry salami sausage made from a mixture of coarsely ground lean and fatty pork seasoned with pepper.


Italian for “tenderloin.” Usually cured with black pepper and fennel.

Tuscan Sausage

A classical Italian-style sausage with the flavor of red wine and a hint of fennel.

Salami Picante

A spicy salami that has red pepper in it. A common meat product in southern Italy, this is not American pepperoni.

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